The "Fliphead" is a new mouthpiece for c-flute players. It replaces your conventional flute head joint and offers a new playing experience and sound. Imagine playing a recorder flute or a low whistle, but with the full chromatic range of the traverse flute. The Fliphead offers a unique sound and is very easy to play - even complete beginners will be able to have fun with the Fliphead while saxophonists and clarinets doubling on flute enjoy to play the flute straight not traverse.

The Fliphead offers a perfect intonation, a very quick response in all registers and a good balance between volume and air consumption. It feels much more "open" in comparison to a recorder, so you can play loud if you want to but quiet notes are possible as well. The sound has more "air" and less "wood" than a recorder. 

I often stick with the conventional flute head for classical music, but switch to the Fliphead when it comes to pop, jazz, folk or world music. Also in combination with a muted trumpet or in a mixed horn section the Fliphead is often my sound of choice.

I'm a professional sax & wood wind player and have used a fipple head prototype made by Martin Niethammer for several years both live and for numerous studio recordings. Due to the Corona-break I finally was able to follow the idea of developing a marketable piece. It took me nearly 1 year of research and over 200 prototypes before the final version of the Fliphead was ready. After experimenting with wood, aluminium, injection moulded plastic, 3D-FDM-printing (plastic filaments) the Fliphead finally is 3D-DLP-printed using a uv-light cured transparent resin with a biocompatible coating. This procedure is complex, time-consuming and expensive but leads to a much better mouthpiece with accurate dimensions at a reasonable price point. Each piece is hand-finished and play-tested before shipping.


The mouthpiece, the nickel-silver tube and the thumb rest are designed and produced in Germany & Austria. 

Due to different diameter measures of flute bodies (usually somewhere between 19,9mm and 19,6mm), it might be necessary to shrink or widen the Fliphead tube to adapt it perfectly to your flute body. This is a very quick and easy job for your local repairman or music store. The Fliphead is shipped with a diameter of approx. 19,7mm, so that it will fit the most common flute bodies. 

When playing the flute upright, it is helpful, to use a thumb hook, similar to clarinet. So with the Fliphead I also include my special designed ergonomic thumb rest, that clips on and off easily to your flute body.​

Many thanks to Martin Niethammer, who inspired me to approach this project! 

Please read the FAQs for more information and feel free to get in touch, if you have any more questions.

Other than that: have fun with the Fliphead!