Where can I purchase the Fliphead?

At the moment the Fliphead is available via fliphead.net exclusively. You can place an order here and we ship worldwide. If you are a reseller or have a special order request please send an email to mail@fliphead.net.

Is it easy to play the Fliphead?


The tone production is relatively easy indeed and much easier to learn than playing a traditional flute head. Think of a recorder type flute or a low-whistle. You will need a bit more air in comparsion to playing a recorder.

Why should I use a Fliphead, I already have a conventional head joint?


The Fliphead is not aiming at replacing the traditional flute sound but it offers an interesting sound option ​for solo or section playing. It produces a warm tone color. Saxophone and clarinet players who sometimes might have trouble learning the classical flute embouchure benefit from using the Fliphead.

Will the Fliphead affect my classical embouchure?


A normal flute embouchure and the Fliphead-embouchure are so different, that they do not interfere with each other. It rather feels like playing a different instrument. You can maintain your classical flute skills while also using the Fliphead. 

Will a beginner by able to use the Fliphead?


For a child or an adult beginner the Fliphead offers an excellent and quick approach to flute playing. 

Are the ergonomics of left and right hand different when playing the Fliphead?


Most players adapt very quickly to using the flute upright. Using the provided thumb rest helps a lot. Saxplayers or clarinetists often even prefer to play the flute this way.

How loud is the Fliphead?
In comparison to a recorder-type flute, the Fliphead is much louder. It is comparable with the volume of your normal silver head.   
Will the Fliphead fit to any flute model?

The Fliphead is designed to work with all common c-flute-bodies. Depending on the diameter of your flute body, it might be necessary to fine-tune the diameter of the Fliphead tough. These are minimal changes. We are talking about sizes between 19,9mm to 19,6mm. Your local repairman or music store are able to do this on short notice. In most cases with the common Flute models the Fliphead will fit to your flute, but just might be a little loose or tight. The Fliphead is shipped with a diameter of 19,7mm. If you measure your flute diameter using a caliper gauge, I can try to fit the Fliphead to your flute before shipping. This won't work with a ruler, yard stick or measuring tape though. It will be more accurate to visit your local repair shop, in case the Fliphead needs to be adjusted to fit your flute.

How do I clean the Fliphead?

You can use water and dish soap to clean the fliphead. Please do not use any solvent-containing cleaners.

Orders, Payment and Shipping

After the order is completed, you will receive a confirmation via email and the package is shipped within 1-5 working days from Germany or Austria including a tracking code after the payment is completed. You will receive an invoice via email. Fliphead.net is a small business and cannot compete with e.g. Amazon in terms of the shipping and communication speed. When you think that there is a problem or a delay with your order, you can always get in touch.

The shipment duration depends on the destination. Within EU the delivery it often takes 1-4 days after shipment. Due to unforeseen circumstances with the shipping companies sometimes the delivery takes a little longer. 

Cancellation & return policy

The customer has the right to cancel his purchase within 14 days after placing the order. The packaging must be unopened, the sealing unbroken and the item must be unused (due to hygienic reasons). An opened, tested or used item cannot be returned unfortunately. All items are hand-inspected and shipped in 100% perfect condition. In case there is a problem with the item, please get in touch.

The customer has to declare his cancellation via email to mail@fliphead.net within 14 days after receiving the item. 

The customer has to cover the costs for returning the item. Once the item has been shipped back to Fliphead.net, the purchase price (minus the shipping costs) will be refunded. Please note that return shipping without insurance makes the order the responsibility of the purchaser. 

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