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Fliphead AM-1 Headjoint

Fliphead AM-1 Headjoint

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Fliphead AM-1 Flute Headjoint for Transverse Flutes

- easy learning of the embouchure and simple tone formation

- a vertical comfortable playing position in front of the body

- the mouthpiece is designed with a curved labium and a large chamber which provides a unique sound

- ideal for saxophonists and clarinetists doubling on flute or for flutists with braces

- suitable for beginners as well as for professionals

- the full range of the flute can be played

- a removable and rotatable mouthpiece (3 replacement sealing rings attached)

- silver-plated nickel silver tube

- the tube can be individually adjusted for flutes of all manufacturers

- the ergonomically shaped thumb hook, for the right hand, is simply clipped onto the body of the flute (scratch protection foils are attached)

- Incl. a practical protective cotton bag with a zipper providing a space-saving transport

- Colour: Jet Black

The neck is supplied with a diameter of approx. 19.7 mm and fits the flute models Pearl Quantz series, Azumi Z and S Series as well as Yamaha YFL-2xx, YFL-3xxx and YFL-4xxx without any adjustment

The neck can be adjusted easily to any flute by your local shop or instrument specialist. You can also send us your instrument in an insured parcel or drop it off at our Workshop in Mannheim, Germany on appointment. Your instrument will be returned to you with a professionally adjusted head joint. Please note that no money-back guarantee can be given after a customized fitting. If you want to make use of our custom fitting service or if you have any questions, please contact us at mail (@) fliphead-net.

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